On a music box

What do you see?
You people gazing at me.
You see a doll on a music box,
That's wound by a key.
How can you tell,
I'm under a spell?
I'm waiting for love's first kiss!
You cannot see,
How much I long to be free.
Turning around on this music box,
That's wound by a key.
I'm turning around and around..


Lemon Boy

Lemons are loners, I've noticed. Still, it has so come to be that Lemon Girl is in possession of something resembling a Lemon Boy.

Lemon Boy features heavily throughout this blog. He's never been credited, except for maybe as 'A'. Lemon Boy happens to be my best friend since forever. And my first love. And almost like my first boyfriend. *So Bollywood, I know*.

Lemon Boy complicates life to no end, yet he is the only one who can keep it very simple. Lemon Boy has a girlfriend, one he is very dedicated to. He does, though, have the softest of spots for me and is my pseudo-boyfriend. I don't know what that is, really. He's more than a best friend but not a boyfriend, I guess.

The reason why I'm saying this is that too many of my incoherent posts are so because of him. Now that he's out in the open, maybe much of the general confusion in my head will stop. Or maybe I'll grow tired of him and find someone new. Either ways, Lemon Boy is here to stay.

#Lesson for today: Lemon Boys are impossible to not love.


Queen of whales

There are always some chats which you want to frame and hang.

A: Tujhe ek course padhana chahiye. Self esteem proportionate to size 101.
me: Hmmm, you have a point.
A: I don't know how you manage.
me: Muskhil thodi naa hai. What is the worst they can call me?
A: Mujhe kya pata? Elephant, whale, moti?
me: Usmein kya hai? Koi whale bole toh uska simple reply hai: "I'm waiting to be declared as a new species."
A: ...
me: Theek hai, "I'm waiting to be declared as the queen of whales!"
A: Bahut paisa kamayegi tu.


me: Haan re, I'm never getting a boy.
A: True.
me: Eh? That was rude.
A: I'm just saying.. you won't get a boy. You'll get a man.
me: Acha.
A: *Twirls you into arms, puts on music from Amelie and kisses till you forget about getting a boyfriend*
me: Should I cut, copy, paste to dearest girlfriend?
A: Kar le. If she breaks up with me, you can be my lifelong rebound. :*
me: Whee. :-|

#Lesson for today: Self esteem is easy. Love isn't.


Why does Christina Aguilera even try singing peppy songs when her voice is point blank perfect for sad songs?


I'm in love.

With Him.

#Lesson for the day: What? It's love.