When Carroll wrote the following

"Question: How does a girl who falls - no, actually she jumps - eyes open down a rabbit hole, plummeting into chaos, come out the other end unchanged?

The Answer: She doesn't.

See, I know, because that girl is me."

He must have known an awful lot about us girls. Because, it seems that we love nothing more than rabbit holes, chaos and jumping into endlessly tiring situations with eyes wide open.

#Lesson for today: Adventure, is where you least expect it.


Did you hear about the lemons?

I get really obsessed once in a while with the lemons. I make families, couples and sweet little children that I refuse to make into lemonade. Then mum scolds me. We now get our to-be-consumed lemons from the market. They're impersonal, it seems.

"Lemon Party"
(I like to use 30 Rock Quotes as much as possible)

#Lesson for today: Lemon Art will be famous one day.


Love again?

What's red & grey, slightly frostbitten and contemplating a pink theme for the mobile?

A girl parading as the lemons she so adores.

Nothing makes me happier than finding a blog, a book or even a simple line that makes me feel like I've known the author forever. Today I found This Dude! :). The guy makes me swoon and kind of feel lovey-dovey. Which consequently is wonderful, since I have decided to get over all my loser ex's and get a new 'un to torture.

It does not help to know that I have become notorious/infamous for my rather off-topic remarks while the environment is romantic. Examples include the term 'germs' being frequently used and seriously considering the effects of Saddam's assassination during romantic activities. Ingrown toe nails have made an appearance as well.

#Lesson for today: Nokia and Ovi Store are a bitch.



I just called one of my friends a Hemorrhoid. I feel awesome. And Witty. And oh-so-pretty.

#Lesson for the day: Friends who let you call them a Hemorrhoid are the ones truly worth keeping. :D



Dilli is Chilly right now. Not that I'm noticing it all that much because I've been under a blanket next to a radiator in full force for a majority of the week now. In fact, I've been feasting on all the "Cold-Weather-Food-Specials" that mummy and dad could conjure up for sometime now. No reasons to complain about the weather, so far. And I refuse to believe that Gurgaon is colder than Delhi.

I have this perfect lime coloured sweater that has been evading mother's habit of yearly woolen disposal for the better part of the decade. It's snug and shapeless, just the way I like my woollies. It also has this over powering affinity to all kinds of stains. I wear pure snow-white sweaters for three four days without any sort of dirt sticking onto its surface. The yellow one, on the other hand is sent off to the dry cleaners after a mere six hours of being worn.

It also has come to my attention that this month, my lemon loving-ness will turn a year old. Aah, to be a year old again. I miss all the gurgling and short term memory span.

#Lesson for today: Choosing friends and what food to eat are two of the most difficult choices I face each day.