Tuning forks in my head

As of now, my head feels like somebody stuck a tuning fork in my head and it's revereberating hard, really hard. I really wanna sleep, but I can't coz I've been hitting the sheets overtime in the past few days and to put it vaguely, my body dont wanna sleep no more. Which, by most teenager's standards is pretty damn confusing since most people my age just wanna sleep. I'm doing all I can to fall asleep. Watching movies, listening to songs, dancing, coughing even. To the point of exhuastion. I've read katy perry's blog, traded numerous insults with a friend and berated him to death about offering me the wonderful advice of : "you should sleep". Y'think I'm trying to stay up here??

#Lesson for today : If I ever tell you that my head hurts and I can't sleep, dont open your mouth. EVER.


Philosophical and Deaf

Last I checked, I was in the mass media department of my college, so it strikes me as rather weird that I'm being asked to hand out invitations for the annual philosophy fest. And it's like adding salt to the wound, coz the kids in the philo department arn't being asked to do much. Its rude, annoying and absolutely dismissive of our life and plans by the concerned teacher, who by the way is going to be subject of many a "hate-you-bitch" posts. As if its not enough that she has made it a subject of unending pride that she ruins our life most of the week, she has to make us work for her own personal department as well!

What are we, her freaking slaves?

She's also made me deaf, to all sorts of scolding, threats, punishments, warning, reprimands etc etc. Which works out interestingly, since now I've become mother-deaf. I honestly hear maybe 1 word out of 20 that she says, and that's on a good day. Rest, her screaming, shouting, threat, bullying blah blah blah don't even resonate. She's spent 18 years of my life and close to all of her's shouting at someone, so you'd think it's time she realized it ain't gonna work. I really have to stop myself from smirking when she says "you can't behave like this with me when even when you're 30" and crap. What makes her think I in any way of form will actually put up with any of her shyt when I'm 30? It's like, dude, you are not going to be the boss me of me forever. You can't stop me from living life when I get a job. I'm simply counting down the years till I'm financially independent and that's my one-way ticket out of here.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't hate my mother or anything. On the contrary, I love her dearly and she matters the most to me. It's just that she thinks she's God and so on and I can't take her crap. If the love has to remain, then I need to be out of the house. We get along best through SMS, when she can't overwork her puny brain creating "tones" that I use when I lay out my well defined plans to misbehave.

#Lesson for today: Teacher's teach you how to be parent-deaf. Excellent.


Smile! Say Cheese! Flickr!

Photography 101 starts way late in my course. Till then, I plan to learn from the best and the worst! Welcome to the land of Flickr, where some of the most artistic and downright disgusting photographs have been proudly showcased. Agreed, I have no idea about the basic concepts of lighting, framing and all that but I don't need to be a genius to figure a good pic from a bad one.

After the little time spent on the site, I can say that digi-cams and mobile cameras don't really give the best feel. After all, it is pretty difficult to achieve the perfect blurring action with them and heaven knows how much I've tried. My dog is testament to that. Also, while zooming in on a subject, the background really matters. There are so many beautiful photographs spoiled just coz of a bad background. And there are some masterpieces that leave you wondering why you couldn't have been born in a more picturesque place, such as this one.

Most of the photographers there make me feel so curious and humbled and so damn impatient that I wanna break the bank, rush to the nearest store and buy a beautiful camera and loads of reel and go click-crazy. The somewhat-not-so-crazy person inside me tut's at the thought of this and stops me.

And Happy Republic Day!

#Lesson for today: Go photograph! It's an amazing thing to know.


F*ck This Cold!

To quote a friend, I currently have "a mucotic equivalent of a jawbreaker stuffed down my windpipe".

I have a cold. A very bad cold and an intriguing one at that since there's every possibility that I got it by texting my friend. I don't know how we do it. But we do. In our history of five years together, we've always had colds at the same time irrespective of whether we were actually near each other or not. For god's sake, we'd be the only two girls having colds in summer! Right now, every second is a struggle to breathe through my nose and breathing through my mouth means a very very rough and dry day tomorrow. I won't be able to speak, and that sucks.

To all those yet to be discovered faithful readers of my blog, try listening to Ray Barretto and his Latin Jazz music. If any part of you likes to dance, or be sexy, or just jazz, you will fall in love! He's awesome and to think his songs are not so easily available for downloads. That is pure evil, I swear! But better news, most of his songs are available on youtube. Acid for example, takes my heart into a far far land of love and dance. Especially since I now want to marry Pasha from So you think you can dance. I know I'm kinda behind on the seasons, but we just can't do much. AXN will show, the way it wants to.

#Lesson for today: Be aware, Be safe. Cold is a Textually Transmitted Disease


From blogger to wordpress

Wanted to have a blog on blogger and wordpress as well, mostly because wordpress has A-Mazing themes for the blog. Unfortunately, I'm rather Wordpress illiterate and will probably spend an inane amount of time trying to figure out what to do! If only there were an option of (and I'm sure there is) of importing this to there, Life would be Happy. Apparently, I must brutally chop away my beautiful header image on wordpress. One point for blogger. Right, so I have imported the blog and all there, and so far, I'm disappointed with it. It pretty much sucks. I should stick with Blogger but the allure blinds my eyes. :P.

Okie, 20 minutes after struggling with that stupid site, I freaking give up!

#Lesson for today: Wordpress est Shyt.


Oh dear god!

Hiro Killed Ando!
Hiro Killed Ando!

And I just read the whole of the forthcoming season of Heroes on Wiki and totally fighting back the impulse to download all of the season right now and have a full day marathon! It's getting more and more confusing by the episode, takes me a full hour to understand what I saw after I see it. Youtubing (izzat a verb?) roadies at the moment, apparently boys got kicked in their balls in the last show. I must say, for a guy, Raghu sure does hate the balls of other men. :P

Today, I learnt something of great entertainment. How to write (or rather criticize) a film review. Its a hopeless job at first, since you're bound to forget something or the other, but it grows on you (somewhat like a wart) and you feel elated to be better than the egg-headed critics in certain newspapers and magazines. Which, in all possibility you aint, but still it's FUN!

#Lesson for today: None, really. Do I havta learn something everyday?


Keep up the hope

So, was watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and saw a routine on the song "Waiting On The World To Change". FYI - I am so jealous of all the dancers, especially Lauren for some reason. Anywho, apart from the heartburn caused at the inability to dance, the song got me thinking about how we've lost the hope in life. The song, supposedly said to boost our spirits and all that crap, actually is a testament to lost and found hope.

The singer, John Mayer has pretty much lost hope in all of the current mankind that controls the world at the moment. He's also lost hope in his friends/family/whatever to step up and take charge. Since "we keep on waiting, waiting on the world to change". At the same time, he's rather optimistic about having a great future, neighbours being neighbourly and puppies and kittens falling from the sky into the little hands of Tiny Tim's. (Yes, that's made up!) But how does he think thats ever gonna happen? He's the one that says that he and his friends can't really do much. Confused soul I tell you.

And the lemon tree got a new citrus friend today. I moved the orange tree next to it and they look so pretty together.

#Lesson for today: Keep the window open, Peter Pan may just fly in.

Which for those who didn't get it, Keep up the Hope.



Well, I'm back. Really early. Went for a shut eye, even though it's a sunday and i've slept for say 12 hours straight already! And I'm feeling rather proud of myself. The Ex has been in town for 4 days now and I still havn't called or contacted, which is silly since its not a competition.

The lemon tree finally dropped the bombs today. Six round, pristine, zesty, yellow lemons. I am really proud of it. Don't know any other tree in the area that'll be equaling the feat for years to come. Or maybe I'm just a really proud tree person. :D

#Lesson 2 for today: Never watch a scary movie alone at 2 in the morn, else you'll be looking like a ghost yourself for the next few days.

Life's good, Life's fun and I'm so happy since this is a diary that my mum can't read!

Hello, children

Mornin' people.

New day, New year, New blog. A personal one, just to crib, whine, be lame and throw sarcastic shit at people.

#Lesson 1: Never tell your family about your blog, unless its one of those "iInspire" ones.

About the lemon tree, I happen to have a tree in the garden and somehow in moments of doubt, grave idiocy or general "the sky's falling on my head" moments, I drift to the tree and stare at the lemons till things become a bit clearer to me. I study near the tree, often stand right next to it to laugh at its height (since I'm quite short) and on occassion, prick the lemons with their own thorns (a tit for tat thingy).

That's about it for now, I can hear my phone ringing and it'll be a minor miracle if I find it.