Too bad, girlie.

It seems I'm a person made entirely of words and every boy out to win my heart has left his dictionary at home. I'm grateful for the few boys who have learnt it by heart, though.

Too bad they're never going to be mine.

It has come to be that I think I have fallen in love. With exactly (1) person, region, language and lifestyle.

Too bad I've no time for any of them.

It seems I currently look the best I have in years.

Too bad there is nobody to quite appreciate it.

It is a great joy that friends have found good friends in far away lands, boyfriends and work that keeps them happy.

Too bad that they seem to have forgotten about me.

The world is conspiring to make me feel a little more melancholy each day and cheat heavily on my healthy eating mode.

#Lesson for today: Too bad that's not happening.


Lights will guide you home

What is it about a camera that can turn the most notorious festival-mood-killer into a ball of happiness and joy at the idea of lighting candles?

Happy Diwali, everybody.

#Lesson for today: Hair make for engaging travel companions.