Oxford, I have some new words

Fashion Gremlin. (n) - A female, who in her attempts to become a fashionista has mutated into an abomination.

Dorkess. (n) - A female 'dork' who becomes a sex goddess in bed while retaining affable dork nature.

Render. (verb) - A process commonly associated with computers that can drive even the most patient of saints to the brink of madness.

Voluntary Boobage. (n) - The prices of showing off cleavage in a manner that is provocative and yet looks accidental.

Ain. (adj) - The state of mind when anything, anything at all, feels out of place. Understood worldwide as a sign of 'Something Is Wrong'.

Salary. (n) - The imaginary promise of being paid an adequate sum in lieu of daily labour. Often made by employers to employees in order to entice them. Not to be confused with Daily Wages. Often a source of major frustration. (See Also - Myth, Legend, Fairytale, Fable.)

#Lesson for Today: Give me a damn salary, else your files will never render. Ain.