Weddings can br great fun, if
~ The bride falls asleep and refuses to wake up, making the wedding two hours late.
~ You leave the rings back at the groom's house and then drive like maniacs to get them.
~ The priest sneezes really hard right in the middle of the vows.
~ There is a big bee in the flower bouquet.
~ Everybody, including the bride is in jeans.
~ You leave the church after the wedding is done and meet some six hours later for lunch.


~ You are so excited about getting married, that you forget to pick up your mother from home.

This is the kind of wedding I went through today. Being the maid of honour and the "planner" for the whole gala, anything right or wrong that happened totally reflected on me. But since everybody in attendence knew what the bride and groom were like, they didn't exactly care and went along with all the fiasco's. From shy friends to drunk younger brothers, I had some fun company today, not to mention my dog, the bride's cat and the couple's new little puppy.

To Tatiyana and Ashish, love you both.
To Yash, stay away! :)
To Aaron, stop being so shy! <3

#Lesson for today: Happy couples are those who can smile through everything going wrong and still say, "that's so US!"


Yes, so having a wifi house rocks to the ultimate. I am currently sitting in bed with a tumbler of lemonade and dwelling on why I did not think of this before. Given, my earlier connection is absolutely wonderful I think that being able to roam around the place with my laptop is bliss.

For the record, do not ever ask if I am a dog person or a cat person. I am an animal person, literally. Gimme dog, cat, mouse, iguana, squirrel, bat, turtle, fish, lemurs, monkeys, sheep, goats etc etc, I'll love 'em all equally. And no, I do not in the vaguest believe any of them are evil. Evil just happens to be another word for sexy. Which all of them are. Except for fish maybe, some of them tend to lack personality.

This is a pic I took of a cat near my place and dear god, am I in love with its eyes or what.
And boo to you if you don't like 'em.
#Lesson for today: Patience reaps great rewards. Subtle impatience reaps Awesomeness.



Anybody struggling writers out there, with a good script?
Want to convert it into a real time production?
Or atleast get someone to read it?

Mail it to me, I seem to be out of ideas.

And a manhole with a cover, if possible.

#Lessons for today: Things written at 2 in the morn, while very sleepy NEVER come out as great as you think they have.


Holi (Shit)!

Well, holi's around the corner and I've already had the fun of playing two holi's before the actual day. One wet, involving a large hose and loads of water, the other comparitively dry with loads of colours and some well-aimed water balloons. From Saturday to Monday, I've looked like somebody who had a lot of chicken pox on their face. My hair seem to not have taken much offence to the colouring being dumped on them. Maybe, they'd grown fond of their red streaks.

I seem to have been spending a lot of time looking for new blogger templates. The point of this is still unclear to me, since I really love the simple tone of this blog and the other one already has a lovable scheme. Presumably, I have nothing better to do, which isnt exactly true because I have exams coming up and studying for them is a prioritized option. Not that I pay such overwhelming attention to my priorities these days.

And if anybody's got the time, do listen to Casanova In Hell, by the Pet Shop Boys. It'll have you rolling on the floor.

#Lesson for today: None really, I'm kinda off lessons for the moment.


Cold, Lights and Talents

We kick started video productions today. Kicked would be the right word considering the production K-I-C-K-E-D our ass. Thankfully, it wasn't my video thingy today or this would be a very long, weepy and bitchy post about injustice and cruelty to first year university students. Especially those from my course. But this is still a bitchy post. Hey, two outta three ain't bad.

For starters, I tried to get rid of my gut-wrenching fear of heights and have almost succeeded. I hope to report something awesome soon, in that area. We also got into figurative fist fights, literal goof ups and many many piss-offs. There were scoldings and reprimands and many times I wanted to bang my head against the wall. Or do the same to the fucking stupid talkback!

The cam crew sucked. They got thrown out. We rocked. We were in. Nothing went right. Gosh, did I have fun smirking though. Can't help it people, I am a mean, sadistic girl at the end of the day. I am also a fair, just and fairly judgmental person. Don't hold it against me, I'm only human. I hated some people today. I adored others. I basically lost a lot of hope in humankind today. Mabe we will soon turn into an Idiocracy.

Scary thought.

#Lesson for today: If they don't know how to work in a studio, their face shows the fear. Grab, bite and take the lion's share.


Is it just me?

Is it just me or does this picture give off a feeling of overwhelming inner peace?? Whatever it maybe, it's really nice to look at for rather large periods of time. Or maybe I desperately need a coffee/sugar/sleep high.

It's like I havn't slept well in all of a week, with the sky crashing on my head and all. Audio-Visual Productions starting. For the uninitiated, we first wrestle with a sound recording system for six minutes and then with a camera for ten minutes. In, may I mention, freezing cold, bright lights and rather embarrassing chairs. This is what we are expected to do for a living as well, when we graduate. Positively ghastly, I say.

And on a totally unrelated thought, my best friend absolutely loves coffee!

#Lesson for today: Know your best friend's needs and likes.