Is it just me?

Is it just me or does this picture give off a feeling of overwhelming inner peace?? Whatever it maybe, it's really nice to look at for rather large periods of time. Or maybe I desperately need a coffee/sugar/sleep high.

It's like I havn't slept well in all of a week, with the sky crashing on my head and all. Audio-Visual Productions starting. For the uninitiated, we first wrestle with a sound recording system for six minutes and then with a camera for ten minutes. In, may I mention, freezing cold, bright lights and rather embarrassing chairs. This is what we are expected to do for a living as well, when we graduate. Positively ghastly, I say.

And on a totally unrelated thought, my best friend absolutely loves coffee!

#Lesson for today: Know your best friend's needs and likes.


Anonymous said...

dpt's getting us idli smabar tomorrow! YAY! Home made food!!

Ishita_Dasgupta said...

And you! :D

And this post! :D :D

AND the picture!!! *sigh*

lemon girl said...

@ Anon: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

@ Iya: And the world..