Anybody struggling writers out there, with a good script?
Want to convert it into a real time production?
Or atleast get someone to read it?

Mail it to me, I seem to be out of ideas.

And a manhole with a cover, if possible.

#Lessons for today: Things written at 2 in the morn, while very sleepy NEVER come out as great as you think they have.


Comfortably Numb said...

Even I am out of ideas. If a lot of people mail you and you are left with some spare ones..pass them on to me :D >.>


Anonymous said...

Why do you need a manhole with a cover? is it because i think it is?

Bumpy said...

i dont kno abt ideas but if u find a manhole with lid plz take strong adhesive too..i dont want the contents to break out... :D