Weddings can br great fun, if
~ The bride falls asleep and refuses to wake up, making the wedding two hours late.
~ You leave the rings back at the groom's house and then drive like maniacs to get them.
~ The priest sneezes really hard right in the middle of the vows.
~ There is a big bee in the flower bouquet.
~ Everybody, including the bride is in jeans.
~ You leave the church after the wedding is done and meet some six hours later for lunch.


~ You are so excited about getting married, that you forget to pick up your mother from home.

This is the kind of wedding I went through today. Being the maid of honour and the "planner" for the whole gala, anything right or wrong that happened totally reflected on me. But since everybody in attendence knew what the bride and groom were like, they didn't exactly care and went along with all the fiasco's. From shy friends to drunk younger brothers, I had some fun company today, not to mention my dog, the bride's cat and the couple's new little puppy.

To Tatiyana and Ashish, love you both.
To Yash, stay away! :)
To Aaron, stop being so shy! <3

#Lesson for today: Happy couples are those who can smile through everything going wrong and still say, "that's so US!"


arnav said...

So im shy. Big deal!
But yes, this thing was a FIASCO!

Anty said...


It bloody well exploded high on our faces maan.

But if they're happy, we be happy no?