Holi (Shit)!

Well, holi's around the corner and I've already had the fun of playing two holi's before the actual day. One wet, involving a large hose and loads of water, the other comparitively dry with loads of colours and some well-aimed water balloons. From Saturday to Monday, I've looked like somebody who had a lot of chicken pox on their face. My hair seem to not have taken much offence to the colouring being dumped on them. Maybe, they'd grown fond of their red streaks.

I seem to have been spending a lot of time looking for new blogger templates. The point of this is still unclear to me, since I really love the simple tone of this blog and the other one already has a lovable scheme. Presumably, I have nothing better to do, which isnt exactly true because I have exams coming up and studying for them is a prioritized option. Not that I pay such overwhelming attention to my priorities these days.

And if anybody's got the time, do listen to Casanova In Hell, by the Pet Shop Boys. It'll have you rolling on the floor.

#Lesson for today: None really, I'm kinda off lessons for the moment.

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