F*ck This Cold!

To quote a friend, I currently have "a mucotic equivalent of a jawbreaker stuffed down my windpipe".

I have a cold. A very bad cold and an intriguing one at that since there's every possibility that I got it by texting my friend. I don't know how we do it. But we do. In our history of five years together, we've always had colds at the same time irrespective of whether we were actually near each other or not. For god's sake, we'd be the only two girls having colds in summer! Right now, every second is a struggle to breathe through my nose and breathing through my mouth means a very very rough and dry day tomorrow. I won't be able to speak, and that sucks.

To all those yet to be discovered faithful readers of my blog, try listening to Ray Barretto and his Latin Jazz music. If any part of you likes to dance, or be sexy, or just jazz, you will fall in love! He's awesome and to think his songs are not so easily available for downloads. That is pure evil, I swear! But better news, most of his songs are available on youtube. Acid for example, takes my heart into a far far land of love and dance. Especially since I now want to marry Pasha from So you think you can dance. I know I'm kinda behind on the seasons, but we just can't do much. AXN will show, the way it wants to.

#Lesson for today: Be aware, Be safe. Cold is a Textually Transmitted Disease


arnav said...

If we're on the subject of Ray Barretto, then La Pelota as well.

Bumpy said...

make that three girls... i have an average of two colds PER season.