Tuning forks in my head

As of now, my head feels like somebody stuck a tuning fork in my head and it's revereberating hard, really hard. I really wanna sleep, but I can't coz I've been hitting the sheets overtime in the past few days and to put it vaguely, my body dont wanna sleep no more. Which, by most teenager's standards is pretty damn confusing since most people my age just wanna sleep. I'm doing all I can to fall asleep. Watching movies, listening to songs, dancing, coughing even. To the point of exhuastion. I've read katy perry's blog, traded numerous insults with a friend and berated him to death about offering me the wonderful advice of : "you should sleep". Y'think I'm trying to stay up here??

#Lesson for today : If I ever tell you that my head hurts and I can't sleep, dont open your mouth. EVER.

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