Philosophical and Deaf

Last I checked, I was in the mass media department of my college, so it strikes me as rather weird that I'm being asked to hand out invitations for the annual philosophy fest. And it's like adding salt to the wound, coz the kids in the philo department arn't being asked to do much. Its rude, annoying and absolutely dismissive of our life and plans by the concerned teacher, who by the way is going to be subject of many a "hate-you-bitch" posts. As if its not enough that she has made it a subject of unending pride that she ruins our life most of the week, she has to make us work for her own personal department as well!

What are we, her freaking slaves?

She's also made me deaf, to all sorts of scolding, threats, punishments, warning, reprimands etc etc. Which works out interestingly, since now I've become mother-deaf. I honestly hear maybe 1 word out of 20 that she says, and that's on a good day. Rest, her screaming, shouting, threat, bullying blah blah blah don't even resonate. She's spent 18 years of my life and close to all of her's shouting at someone, so you'd think it's time she realized it ain't gonna work. I really have to stop myself from smirking when she says "you can't behave like this with me when even when you're 30" and crap. What makes her think I in any way of form will actually put up with any of her shyt when I'm 30? It's like, dude, you are not going to be the boss me of me forever. You can't stop me from living life when I get a job. I'm simply counting down the years till I'm financially independent and that's my one-way ticket out of here.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't hate my mother or anything. On the contrary, I love her dearly and she matters the most to me. It's just that she thinks she's God and so on and I can't take her crap. If the love has to remain, then I need to be out of the house. We get along best through SMS, when she can't overwork her puny brain creating "tones" that I use when I lay out my well defined plans to misbehave.

#Lesson for today: Teacher's teach you how to be parent-deaf. Excellent.

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