Hello, children

Mornin' people.

New day, New year, New blog. A personal one, just to crib, whine, be lame and throw sarcastic shit at people.

#Lesson 1: Never tell your family about your blog, unless its one of those "iInspire" ones.

About the lemon tree, I happen to have a tree in the garden and somehow in moments of doubt, grave idiocy or general "the sky's falling on my head" moments, I drift to the tree and stare at the lemons till things become a bit clearer to me. I study near the tree, often stand right next to it to laugh at its height (since I'm quite short) and on occassion, prick the lemons with their own thorns (a tit for tat thingy).

That's about it for now, I can hear my phone ringing and it'll be a minor miracle if I find it.

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