Oh dear god!

Hiro Killed Ando!
Hiro Killed Ando!

And I just read the whole of the forthcoming season of Heroes on Wiki and totally fighting back the impulse to download all of the season right now and have a full day marathon! It's getting more and more confusing by the episode, takes me a full hour to understand what I saw after I see it. Youtubing (izzat a verb?) roadies at the moment, apparently boys got kicked in their balls in the last show. I must say, for a guy, Raghu sure does hate the balls of other men. :P

Today, I learnt something of great entertainment. How to write (or rather criticize) a film review. Its a hopeless job at first, since you're bound to forget something or the other, but it grows on you (somewhat like a wart) and you feel elated to be better than the egg-headed critics in certain newspapers and magazines. Which, in all possibility you aint, but still it's FUN!

#Lesson for today: None, really. Do I havta learn something everyday?

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