Smile! Say Cheese! Flickr!

Photography 101 starts way late in my course. Till then, I plan to learn from the best and the worst! Welcome to the land of Flickr, where some of the most artistic and downright disgusting photographs have been proudly showcased. Agreed, I have no idea about the basic concepts of lighting, framing and all that but I don't need to be a genius to figure a good pic from a bad one.

After the little time spent on the site, I can say that digi-cams and mobile cameras don't really give the best feel. After all, it is pretty difficult to achieve the perfect blurring action with them and heaven knows how much I've tried. My dog is testament to that. Also, while zooming in on a subject, the background really matters. There are so many beautiful photographs spoiled just coz of a bad background. And there are some masterpieces that leave you wondering why you couldn't have been born in a more picturesque place, such as this one.

Most of the photographers there make me feel so curious and humbled and so damn impatient that I wanna break the bank, rush to the nearest store and buy a beautiful camera and loads of reel and go click-crazy. The somewhat-not-so-crazy person inside me tut's at the thought of this and stops me.

And Happy Republic Day!

#Lesson for today: Go photograph! It's an amazing thing to know.

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