Well, I'm back. Really early. Went for a shut eye, even though it's a sunday and i've slept for say 12 hours straight already! And I'm feeling rather proud of myself. The Ex has been in town for 4 days now and I still havn't called or contacted, which is silly since its not a competition.

The lemon tree finally dropped the bombs today. Six round, pristine, zesty, yellow lemons. I am really proud of it. Don't know any other tree in the area that'll be equaling the feat for years to come. Or maybe I'm just a really proud tree person. :D

#Lesson 2 for today: Never watch a scary movie alone at 2 in the morn, else you'll be looking like a ghost yourself for the next few days.

Life's good, Life's fun and I'm so happy since this is a diary that my mum can't read!

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