Love again?

What's red & grey, slightly frostbitten and contemplating a pink theme for the mobile?

A girl parading as the lemons she so adores.

Nothing makes me happier than finding a blog, a book or even a simple line that makes me feel like I've known the author forever. Today I found This Dude! :). The guy makes me swoon and kind of feel lovey-dovey. Which consequently is wonderful, since I have decided to get over all my loser ex's and get a new 'un to torture.

It does not help to know that I have become notorious/infamous for my rather off-topic remarks while the environment is romantic. Examples include the term 'germs' being frequently used and seriously considering the effects of Saddam's assassination during romantic activities. Ingrown toe nails have made an appearance as well.

#Lesson for today: Nokia and Ovi Store are a bitch.


shouldifollow said...

Am know to spoil a moment by being completely stupid. But phew!!! Sadam's assassination? :)

Some consolation, you didn't mention replying to text messages. I've heard of such things happening from valid sources.

Lemon Girl said...

Yes, umm, it seems that my political and global consciousness is a bit of a party-pooper :D

I've done that, sadly. It was accompanied by many animated squeaks and an escalating number of 'Give Me One Second!' to the now ex-bf.

Which isn't much of a surprise really. :)

shouldifollow said...

No idea why, I continue to visit your blog to see what you've written next. I know it's easier to click follow. But I like to be surprised at times- I like the idea of not knowing. :) Hope that made sense.