Dilli is Chilly right now. Not that I'm noticing it all that much because I've been under a blanket next to a radiator in full force for a majority of the week now. In fact, I've been feasting on all the "Cold-Weather-Food-Specials" that mummy and dad could conjure up for sometime now. No reasons to complain about the weather, so far. And I refuse to believe that Gurgaon is colder than Delhi.

I have this perfect lime coloured sweater that has been evading mother's habit of yearly woolen disposal for the better part of the decade. It's snug and shapeless, just the way I like my woollies. It also has this over powering affinity to all kinds of stains. I wear pure snow-white sweaters for three four days without any sort of dirt sticking onto its surface. The yellow one, on the other hand is sent off to the dry cleaners after a mere six hours of being worn.

It also has come to my attention that this month, my lemon loving-ness will turn a year old. Aah, to be a year old again. I miss all the gurgling and short term memory span.

#Lesson for today: Choosing friends and what food to eat are two of the most difficult choices I face each day.


Sherry Wasandi said...

Welcome back!

Our blogs are those chuddy-buddy kids who grow up playing in the sandbox together. :) Mine turns one on the 17th.

Sugar Magnolia said...


Tangled up in blue... said...

Aah, Dilli ki sardi is something we only ever fantasise about!

and congratulations on the big ONE! :)

Lemon Girl said...

@ Sherry: Thank You :).

Yes they are and I'm rather thankful for it. Everybody should have chuddy-buddy's to play with. Mine's on the 18th.

@ Sugar: Thank you. *Bows*

Lemon Girl said...

@TUIB: It's a nice feeling to have the sardi. One of the much abused pleasures of life.

Thank you. :P