Lemon Girl's Dad Randomly Talking:
Noooo. Lemons and green text don't go together well. Too bright and flashy.
The picture is too sad. Dead almost. Let's get a new one.
Not the best design, but it'll have to do. I wonder what the fascination for lemons is about..

Meanwhile, Lemon Girl is shitting in her pants.
Dad then calls Lemon Girl.
Lemon Girl prepares to bid the internet, mobile phone and all else that loved her goodbye.

Lemon Girl Says: Yes Dad? What about the lemons?

Lemon Girl's Dad: I just discovered

Lemon Girl (cutting in): I can explain.

Lemon Girl's Dad: You can? Good. Because these new posters for the office walls look very badly designed to me. Is it new-age art or something?

Lemon Girl develops a look of permanent incredulity on her face.


Sherry Wasandi said...


Fear of being discovered? Fear of being commented on? Fear of parents acting like they're supposed to?

Put then all aside. Parents, it seems, have evolved.

Anonymous said...

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Lemon Girl said...

Fear of my mother, actually. Fear of her judging me on her slightly antiquated terms and shutting down the many windows of freedom I have carved out for myself.

Parents have evolved, but there are still a few things mine are not ready for. :)