Dear Ex-Boyfriend

When I said it’s over, I meant it.
You were and will be one of my closest friends.
I still think you’re insanely annoying.
Please do not put me in a funk with your sweet talks.
There is no future for us.
Oh what did you say? Yes indeed, I would like to make out.

#Lesson for today: Oh well. Sometimes we never learn.

(My absence was because Blogger is far too important to sort out blog malfunctions for moi.)


Sugar Magnolia said...

Hahhahahah. More in private :D

Lemon Girl said...

But of course *conspiratorial wink*

clueless said...

Eyyy nice post lemon girl! Thank you for following "the Acne one" :P
Bit busy these days... will get back to posting regularly soon.
You have a rather interesting blog yourself- I'll be watching you ;)