Bad, bad, booze

Sleepovers can be the best times you will ever have with friends. Experience dictates that this possible only if people sleep by 1 am. Any later, the alcohol will take effect and lead to emotional outbursts and heavy confessions that become heart breaking. You feel betrayed and entrenched in a swirling pit of feelings that do not belong to your own heart.

Realizing, that you have unknowingly worn a mask of impenetrable happiness for so long that people feel you talk about problems only to make your friends feel like they are not alone in sadness. Being proud, of having unwittingly fulfilled the one dream your parents had for you. And then wanting to rebel and disillusion them.

Alcohol is not meant for everybody. Especially those who cocoon themselves up to a point that they forget what they were hiding from.

#Lesson for today: I can handle my alcohol and my shit without keeping myself bottled up. It's apparently a skill.


Riddhi G.D said...

Heh, lucky you. What about sleepovers where you don't touch the booze but stay up till 7 am ? Had that once, complete with unplanned mudfight, lots of Guns n Roses and Nirvana and hysterical laughter without which sleepovers aren't complete :)

Leonardo said...

Nightouts(sleepover equivalent) with friends, when you spend the entire night talking, are scary. I'll happily choose to have them all drunk and not remember a thing rather than have an attentive audience.

soin said...

thats y we get drunk at about four in the morning and sleep after that..free

Tangled up in blue... said...

Yes, I'd much rather get drunk and pass out, I tell you.

I've seen too many bad things happen after bad things were said after the alcohol at around 2:30 A.M.

Its scary, it is.

So, what I do is, I dont drink that much, and then pretend to be slightly tipsy and highly entertaining so that nobody lets me drink any more any way.

It is a skill. I cant believe such a dark post started with something so innocuous as sleepovers.

I miss sleepovers in school when all we did was watch two movies and then have a pillowfight and play monopoly till we nodded off..

Sherry Wasandi said...

Hehe... :) *snigger snigger*

I'm the quietest person of the lot. Also, often considered the most reliable. Hence, people around me tend to like having "confessional" sessions with me.

That is to say, I know all the dirty secrets.

And then I get drunk. And I TALK. A lot. With erroneous grammar. Witnesses don't know what to be more surprised with, the former or the latter. :)
Now that I've done the Tyra Banks-thing and related whatever comes my way to the story of my life, I'll get to the relevant part:

This post made me do a double-take. Though I've come to expect great things coming from you, this has me impressed on a whole different level.

Lemon Girl said...

@ Riddhi: I've had those. We stayed up till 8 am and then most of us fell asleep in the metro. There were scary, scary movies and many prank calls to unwitting strangers who could not have been more turned on.

@ Leonardo: With an all girl night out, there is bound to be an attentive audience. It's pretty irritating.

Lemon Girl said...

@ Soin: If only we had the foresight.

Lemon Girl said...

@ TUIB: I've had two kinds of sleepovers. One of the pure entertaining kind, with pillow fights, snore fests and karaoke filled dawns. The other with booze and such effects. Seeing my friends become blithe idiots after a beer or two makes me the responsible one.

Sleepovers, as I have learnt are one of the darkest windows into people's souls. *Shudders*

Lemon Girl said...

@ Sherry: Yes, yes snigger away.

I would like to get drunk with you one day. It seems to be a lot more interesting than random confessions that had been previously guessed.

When I do manage to get drunk, I feel very neurotic yet completely clear headed about what needs to be done about the future. I talk ONLY in hindi, which is surprising and there is an itch to sit like those baniyas in old movies.

Why, thank you. I can only hope to never disappoint you.

Sherry Wasandi said...

Ahh yes. We shall get drunk together someday.

Mark my words.