It's not like I particularly want an easy life devoid of any global consciousness, but for the love of Christ I need one right now.

Me and father are very environmentally conscious and off late having been making attempts to reduce the carbon footprint and conserve water. We also donate a small sum towards animal conservation; GreenPeace et al. Mother's daily water consumption could save a decent hand holding in Vidarbha from drought. I shit you not. The woman simply dumps water like it was garbage. Not to mention the amount of plastic bottles she leaves in the trail behind her. And if we stopped her purchases of clothes each month, we could in effect donate a lot more to charity than we are at the moment.

But being the classist, elitist, uncaring, unconcerned, "I-Shall-Live-In-My-Shell" person that she has become, our fights will continue for many more years to come.

#Lesson for today: Parents. Selfish, Socially Unaware, Irresponsible. And then they have the nerve to tell us off.


Tangled up in blue... said...

Never has a relationship been more love-hate than that between parent and child.


My mom eschews expensive perfume. Even if I give to her as a birthday present. She doesnt care if I feel dreadful that she didnt like my present. She will not change.

And I have realised I am just as stubborn. :)

Leonardo said...

The only environmental bit on which I have had pains with my parents has been the issue of this chap who comes in every morning to wash our cars. Plain stupid I tell you! My car bathes almost twice as often as I do!

Lemon Girl said...

@TUIB: That is very, very true. We hate them, we love them and it makes life a lot more complicated. What shall a child do?

Mother ad-oh-res expensive perfume. To the point that a bottle of Chanel purchased some 8 years back is still half full. And used only on the most important of occasions. :)

If only they could, but then that's what they have been doing for years now.

Lemon Girl said...

@Leonardo: That is one warring point between us all.

Parents and their misplaced sense of pride. What are we to do with these grown ups?