Men and dogs should be ashamed

It's no surprise that men and dogs are so often compared to each other.

When men and dogs go out and have riotous love affairs with women, no one raises an eyebrow. It's expected of them, is it not? That they shall forever be casanova's and reign o'er the world of us women with power?

And when women have nothing more than a casual chat with another man/dog, we are questioned and sniffed with an air of hurt and sorrow that can surpass Macbeth. The eccentricity of it all. When shall it end?

#Lesson for today: Don't go for those puppy eyes. They're very clever.


soin said...

and who sniffs?? dog or the bitch??its more often the bitch..free

Ishita_Dasgupta said...

I.Take.Offense. >.<

On behalf of the dogs.. :|

Such a blatantly unfair comparison!!!

Lemon Girl said...

@ Soin: Its usually the dog, from my experience. Very jealous and possessive. Bitches, somewhat more defiant.

@ Ishita: Oh poof! >.<
Dogs, shmogs. You seen your own dog? I bet he'd throw a hissy fit if you went anywhere near mine. Slightly unfair, agreed. But blatant on no account!

Tangled up in blue... said...

Yes i'm afraid thats the way it still is for people..its accepted and indeed even, expected for a guy to be 'screwing around' and if a girl does just a tenth of that, she's labelled a slutty..and by other girls, too.

But Casanova was like the biggest slut who ever lived..how can it be flattering to be compared to him?? Some guys are seriously messed up man.

And i currently am rather in love with a puppy so i wont say anything mean about canines :D

Tangled up in blue... said...

*as slutty

Lemon Girl said...

Men and their damned egos. I feel like giving a bitch slap to them all. And to society. Mindless sheeple, them all have become these days.

Casanova, yes he was a bitch fix for many, many women. Shows exactly how men perceive him to be superior in the situation. Casanova must have been the most tissue like used man in the world.

As for dogs, its mine who really bugs me at times. He gallivants around with all my friends and refuses to come near me if I go sit with another pup for just awhile. Silly thing, he is.

soin said...

rather convenient to say its the dog.. it surely starts with the bitch.. maybe at one level a dog might have propagated..but its the bitch who starts it.. and what the male word for slut??free

Leonardo said...

I'm tempted to go into the reasons why society thinks of one as the user and the other as the used(not that I agree with them). But I guess all of us here know, even if we don't want to admit it.

Is it fair? Of course it isn't. But then, most things in life don't work on the fairness principle(or probably they do..Jim Crow might testify) The point remains that the few of us here could choose to bitch about society and feel content about venting our frustrations. Or we could not care about "them". And do as we please. Which requires courage and conviction. Are we ready to go down that road?

(I'm sorry, this sounds very self righteous...in my head it didn't..)

Lemon Girl said...

@ Everybody who will want to comment, I probably should have put a number of smiley or 'sticks tongue out' disclaimers in the post. It was meant to be funny and as I now see, has become a serious discussion.

@ Soin: If we're talking solely about the dogs, then it's always the dog and rarely the bitch. If it's about society in general, then we have a very complicated "chicken or egg" question on our hands.

Lemon Girl said...

@ Leonardo: Well no, it hardly does. Agreed, life is never fair and it needs conviction to be oneself. It requires mere indifference at times to not judge or care about other's lives. Why is it that most of society can't seem to bring some of that from their general indifference for the more useful issues at large?

Sherry Wasandi said...

As I type this, three street dogs are indulging in some frenzied act of torrid lovemaking, right below my balcony. If my knowledge of anatomy bears any credit at all, two female and one male.

But then, one could be bisexual.

My... aren't orientations confusing. I'm very awed by the ongoing fiesta. In fact, I shall go back and stare some more. Even if the watchman and neighbors find my interest very disconcerting.

Hmmph. (Since enough has been said on this comment page already.)

Lemon Girl said...

I am subjected to that form of time pass more than I'd like. The dog likes humping things a l'il bit too much.

Then again, it's just a natural response.

quirkfit said...

'And when women have nothing more than a casual chat with another man/dog, we are questioned and sniffed with an air of hurt and sorrow that can surpass Macbeth'

Even if this was written on a comical note, I TOTALLY agree!