Behold a moth

Visualize, if you will, a sweet little moth who has harmed no one during its small and inconsequential life on the planet. Imagine it fluttering peacefully amidst the tempting world of darkness and staying firm on its path. Suddenly, out of nowhere the hand of fate (or the neighbourhood cat) strikes and grabs the moth.

Imagine, its wings now lay broken and it bleeds away all it had accumulated in the name of life. It opens its mouth to speak but only broken rattles escape, reminiscent of the ghost from Grudge. Grim Reaper arrives, counting down the last minutes of life as a frenzied panic erupts in the heart of the moth. The realization of death is not easy to bear.

Imagine it gulping for air and softly dying, losing the precious shine from eyes, one Microsoft word page at a time. Imagine, the cruel world laughing at its feeble attempts to wake up and live. One last time, struggle to live.

Now imagine, that little moth is me doing research.


Ishita_Dasgupta said...

I was searching in vain for the "like" button around your blog. :D

Anyhoo, with all due respect and all that,

R.I.P. :| :P

Tangled up in blue... said...

Why so morbid??

Moth-killing-cats go to hell you know..

Lemon Girl said...

@ Iya: That would mean you wouldn't have to comment? Lazy ass I tell you.

Thanks. Come dance on my grave.

@ Tangled: My deadline is tomorrow and here I am playing facebook games and snorting mishri.

Thank god for that. Hell is going to have a number of new entrants. :D

Sugar Magnolia said...

I'm just curious, what does an evil moth do? The ones who don't stay on the right path? :D

Sherry Wasandi said...

Your GTalk status message was cracking me up.

This, is even better!

Heh. I believe I've shown my sympathies already. Now I can laugh.

Also, Sugar Magnolia's question MUST be answered. :)

Lemon Girl said...

@ Sugar: No, they are the ones who do everything by the deadline and submit 60 pages for a 25 page research paper.

Also, those who spend much money on jazzy illustrations :P

@ Sherry: Since I have finally submitted the research, I shall join in the laughs. In fact, I will also make a photocopy of the research and organize a bonfire for my pleasure.