Q. Why is our government (supposedly) a big happy family?

Because the mommy and the daddy fight all the time so that neither loses face in front of the kids. The mommy and kids then bitch and backstab, later with the daddy as well. The daddy and mommy talk of divorce. Then the kids will sit together and bitch and hatch incessant plans that will only rock the parent's boat but not really throw them overboard. The kids will then be punished. Mommy and Daddy fight it out in a trust vote, or leave the other to crash before making up again.

Here, the "relatives" usually start to interfere, and are rudely quietened. Everything is literally blown apart till the Family Picnic arrives, when to make sure that the neighbours don't spread rumours, the family shows up smiling and loving. The outsiders pretend not to notice the ugly bruises and undercurrents of hate.

Family: UPA / NDA alliance
Family Picnic: General Elections
Mommy: Congress / BJP
Daddy: CPI(M) / AIADMK
Kids & Relatives: RJD, Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party/ Shiv Sena, Janata Dal, Trinamool Congress
Neighbours: Indian Janta
Outsiders: Other countries, namely Pakistan and USA.

#Lesson for today: This is the story of every family, sadly sometimes even mine.


Brilliantly Dull said...

ha...... yea sooo true!!!!
welcome to my house :D
and yet.... it makes me wish why our govt cant find the happy moments of being a family.
Where's the love y'all??????
come on.. show me the love bebe!!!

My Evil Self said...

To begin with, I love the layout of your blog! The plagiarist sure had good reasons. :)

To continue, it's good to land up at the original post.

To end with, I'll be wandering around here for more.


lemon girl said...

@Brilliantly: Because your govt sucks. :P

@My Evil Self: Thanks Sherry. Good to have you here.

Ishita_Dasgupta said...

Haha, good work!

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, it is!! :P

Yeah, kill me for the comment. :|