It’s Official

I have developed a nervous tic coz of the never ending fear of being caught doing something absolutely unproductive by the boss man. Not that they would kick me out or sacrifice me to the goat gods if they did catch me. I lack the ability to fully process even the simplest of instructions. If it's a two step process, be sure I shall forget one. If it's just the one step, I'll forget the whole thing. Adding to that, Logic is a bully and continually kicks my ass.

It's actually interesting to see the look on my boss's face when he realized I have goofed something again, in face of tremendous odds. It's like, lightning striking at the same place, process, person etc, a few times now. I keep no less than five windows open, with at least two spreadsheets and one company-website-related page. And then I fall into a music-coma when they are calling me. Makes not for a good impression, I can tell you that.

I wonder if home made brownies and some cake would impress them…

#Lesson for today: Note to Lemon Girl – WORK instead of writing posts cribbing about work



Brilliantly Dull said...

brownies..... helps!!!! a lot!!!!!
call me for recepie and if you start working... then what will happen to the world?? it will come crumbling down if ppl like us started to work
i hope your nervous tic goes away, or i'll be laughing too much

My Evil Self said...

You know what impresses them?
Be better at the job than they are.. Not very hard to do, once you get down on it. Acquire the jargon, the no-nonsense look, the fine art of raising your eyebrow condescendingly.. heh..

Whoohooh! That drives the nail in. Till they end up fearing you'll topple them over.

:) Nothing quite like being feared.

lemon girl said...

Undoo! you make me the brownies naa. I suck at making brownies. I think I will burn them.

Sherry, I believe I totally mastered that in the last week of work. I continue my job there unabated. They liked my implementation of your advice so much that they asked me to stay on for a job!

Sherry Wasandi said...

It's evident you did a great job..

Just out of curiosity, how effective was the "condescending raising of eyebrows" ? *winks*

Sherry Wasandi said...

Ohh.. and don't let the slight change in profile (name, picture, everything else) be a problem..

Still as evil as ever..

lemon girl said...

It would have been a pity if you were not. :)

It was convincing enough for the boss to take me out for lunch, pay and happily declare that my company was a pleasure. What else could these eyebrows want?

Sherry Wasandi said...


Question : How easy-on-eye was "the boss", on..say.. a scale of 1 to 10?


lemon girl said...

Sadly, it was a female boss.

As for the male boss, his face ranks a good 6. But his voice and choice of deo rank a good 9.5

Sherry Wasandi said...

Not a bad score at all..

The voice and choice of deo, I daresay, are prime considerations to be made. :)

Sherry Wasandi said...

You've had perks, woman!

lemon girl said...

Perks, yes. The internship was more or less a case study in perks. I'm thankful to be going back.

More perks, more boss lunches and a lot more voice and deo.