RIP, us.

Did they tell life would be easy an uncomplicated after a point? That friends would last forever and compromises would cease. Did you ever dream of a time, when you would be surrounded by intellectual equals and mad-hatters in a personal wonderland?

It's been two years since college started. It's not any easier and life can only become more tangled in the real world. Compromises I made with people have ceased, only to haunt me back as regrets. How child like I seem to myself, thinking I could be happy with a bunch like them. Poshlust, I believe is what I fooled myself with. It isn't like the girl I knew, to have made friends so easy to let go off.

I miss their presence, yet never our conversations. I miss our sojourns, yet not their alcohol fueled revelations. I miss our togetherness, the way we laughed and the little mannerisms meant only for each other. It's like losing a lover you only loved for the sake of not being lonely. But tell me dear readers, be honest. Am I acting silly, or are some memories simply disposable?

#Lesson for today: There's no point in acting sweet, they can't see through us anyway.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Ohboy, did I. Hasn't worked out for me, yet. Have let go of the dream.

That is one lesson it took a very long time to learn.

soin said...

disposed they can not be,superimposed yes..silly i can not say but for bod you are not..free

Lemon Girl said...

@ Sugar: I haven't yet. I've you & Sherry to keep me going for now.

Yes, it did. But then it wouldn't have been worth it if we'd learnt it too fast.

@ Soin: Superimposition, hmmm. That is a new perspective, I'll be pondering on that for a long time. And well, thanks.