The sexy librarian lives no more

So, I'm sitting in the comfort of my room, thinking that it's about time that I should get out there and spend some money when I realize that the roof just might fall on my head any minute and I'll be covered in strawberry coloured paint flakes that will stick on my hair like taffy.

That sucks because I just spent about an hour making sure that my hair looks like that perfect innocent yet sexy librarian every boy wants to get it on with. This look was promptly dismembered by my lovely doggie as I bent to retrieve my slippers from him.

So now I look dismembered and close to that hairy family fella in the Adams Family. This day is not going well. I throw umbrellas up in the air and they land bang on my head.

#Lesson for today: I'm going to be pernicious in relationships from now on.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

Cousin Itt. xD