Cadbury didn't come up Temptations, I did.

We all have our obsessions. Some small, some big. Small known, some like a dark secret eating inside of you till it spills out and you're afraid you're forever going to be greeted with one upturned eyebrow and a little whisper behind the back.

But then there are those, that make you incessantly happy. Those you think about when nothing else comes to your mind. Those that naturally take over so much of your time, you wonder when the clock struck midnight and moved beyond. Obsessions of the heart, where it doesn't even matter how obsessed you get.

Dangerous are those, that linger unaccepted.For once you know of it, you can let it fester on for as long as it must till the time comes for it to pass. Once you know of it, you can chuckle at it and talk to it like a child being unreasonable and know it cannot last long. Once you know, you know and you couldn't care.

You're fast becoming an obsession and I know it. But I'll forget you soon enough, like I forgot the others.

#Lesson for today: I've a major thing for German poets.


Tangled up in blue... said...

"The only way to overcome a temptation is to yield to it." Oscar Wilde.

loved the way you wrote this one, btw! :)

Lemon Girl said...

Oscar Wilde's advice is always held in good stead.

Thank you. ^_^