Do you sometimes hear a song and unconsciously sway in time. Know that you'll be humming it till late in the evenings and the mornings to come. Figure it will stay on your playlist till your player dies out and gives in. Forget everything but the way it seeps through your thoughts and overwhelms the world.

Do you sometimes read a book and find a friend in the pages. Love them with all sincerity and expect wonderful advice at the drop of a hat. Ask them about the moons and stars far away, about clouds in the sky. Cry to them when the world feels unfair and wrong. Pretend to ignore them so that they may call out to you in the midst of a fierce summer wind.

Do you sometimes look back through albums and faded photographs. Look for people that you have seldom talked with; only observed through corners of your eye. Recall instances that seem like your own, yet make you a stranger in a strange land. Create characters in your head that amuse you for hours at an end.

Do you sometimes look at someone across the room and freeze. Think that the ground beneath your feet just moved a little. Look into their eyes to find a steady reassuring gaze surrounding you, getting you drunker than the wine in your hands. Breathe while pinching yourself, for you have found one more alike soul to banter with.

#Lesson for today: We do. We all do.


Tangled up in blue... said...

wow! this post was breathtaking! :)

Brilliantly Dull said...


Brilliantly Dull said...

Do you sometimes feel that all that you said comes true when we lock eyes?

uglyduckling91 said...


PJ said...

awesome!! :D :D :D

Just Me said...

I loved this one.
And yes well all do, that's the beauty of it. :)

Anonymous said...


Lemon Girl said...

@TUIB: Well, I have achieved my goal then.

@Brilliantly: :o No, "my wifey!"??
<3 Yes, it all does.

@Ducky: :*

@PJ: Thank you ^.^

@Deva: Such romantic people we are.

@Colours: Thanks!