Looking at the descriptive entries about my classmates and their achievements in the college, I feel relieved I did not nominate myself for any award.

I pity the girl who would have to work up my citation. If left in my hands, it would read something like,

"Lemon Girl is mostly fat, existential, retarded and profound about it. College has never held any special appeal for her, apart from the canteen samosas. She can be found looking rather concerned at her growing waist-line in the makeup room or being injured by tripods. Lemon Girl has a number of other interests that shall remain undescribed for fear of her abandoning them temporarily. She is known to emulate a certain TV character quite well and is the epitome of the kind of person your mother always wanted you to be. Only not so much."

#Lesson for today: I believe I saved myself a lot of ridicule. :D

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Tinni aka SnNickel said...

Only, I know Lemon Girl, and I happen to think she is pretty awesome. :D