As of today

As of today I am unconditionally, wholeheartedly, extremely, purposefully, absolutely and indisputably wondering if I have picked the right people in my life. I am caught in a bit of a tizzy, having to resolve the problem of being able to see both sides of the issue.

On one side, there comes the problem of not having been absolutely honest with a friend and that is driving me CRAZY because lying to friends is not something I can do with ease. On the other, there is a rather freakking annoying question buzzing in my head about certain people and their behaviour which is again driving me up the wall. I am up the wall and crazy, which is not doing much for my head rush really. I am sincerely hoping that talking about it and venting to somebody else will help and she agrees with me on most of the things that irk me.

This is confusing. I've never doubted stuff like this before. People havn't given me reasons to either. And now that they do, it's tough to figure it all out.

#Lesson for today: I will never lie to a friend, even the cracking of their voice fills me with unavoidable and inescapable guilt.

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