I miss you!

Ok, so you can't read this right now and when you will I won't have reason to miss you anymore. But I soooooooooooooooo miss you right now. Why did you go without me?

To those who don't know what the fuck is going on, my bestie is on a trip out of town, and since it'll send her mobile bill through the roof if I call, I'm not. Because of which, I am really missing her and this is someone I rarely spend a day without texting atleast once. I'm kind of in a tizzy now that she isn't here. There's so much to tell her and so much to ask and so many things to discuss about and i have no-one to do it with. It's been 5 days and I feel like death has come upon me. I'm truly bored. It's not like this is something that's never happened before coz she did go for a month before but I had my other bestie at that time but she's busy to at the moment so pulling my hair out seems like a good idea right now.


#Lesson for today: Tag along with friends you can't do without. Or get really drunk and pass out.


arnav said...

Are we talking about me?
:P :P :P

lemon girl said...

Yea, right. As if.

ishita-dasgupta said...

I LOVE YOU !!! :') >:D<