Caterpillars, Cocoons, Butterflies

Things that I didn't think were possible:

1. Me listening to Gangsta' Rap by someone known as Pitbull

2. Me developing a parallel love-hate relationship with Facebook. I was just gushing about it to my facebook-challenged friend a few days before. I believe this has something to do with the fact that every five seconds it has been updating itself with the same feeds. My homepage resembles a gramophone with the pin stuck.

3. Me being good at poker. I suck at pulling bluffs, keeping money with me is not a strong point and I still don't know what a royal flush is. I have a sneaking suspicion it's nothing more than the Queen's jewel-encrusted Flush.

4. Bob Dylan to have gotten even better than ever before with his latest album.

5. The Bro Code.

6. Sex while windsurfing. Thanks for ruining my mental imagery of water sports as merely water sports, Enrique. I'll be there when you come to India, bottle of acid in hand.

#Lesson for today: Delhi is hot. Very hot.


My Evil Self said...

Alright.. I confess!

I love your blog. Absolutely love it!

Thank you for your time.

lemon girl said...

Thank you for your wonderful words. They will light my heart forever.