Cricket: Evolutions

We started with Test Cricket. Five whole days of *non-stop* fun. If you had not much else to do, that is.

We graduated to ODI's. Faster, funner and with the added ability for us to distinguish between the teams. Though, I presume that's simply because colour televisions became all the rage.

After many many years of decreasing attention spans and IQ levels, we received with much pomp & splendor, the form of Twenty-Twenty Cricket. Only three hours required as compared to the laborious 7 otherwise. Apparently watching Football, only an hour and a half long is out of the question.

And give it 10 more years and we'll simply have the Coin Toss Cricket! Buuutt. It needs to be interesting, right? Thus the team will consist of:
1. The Captain
2. A weather guy, to ensure that the winds are in favour.
3. A statistician, to point out the law of averages.
4. A cynic, to point out Murphy's Law.
5. A body-builder, to make sure the captain's thumb is in good flicking order.
6. A scientist, to make sure the aerodynamics of the stadium are just right.
7. A video - analyst, to explain in Slo-Mo what went wrong.
And finally,
8. A voo-doo person cum coin collecter, to make sure the coin is well prepared.

#Lesson for today: Yes, I don't like 20-20 cricket all that much, I'm still rooting for the ODI's.


Brilliantly Dull said...

i like you anty....
i know thzt is hardly your average comment.. but its true :d

lemon girl said...

And the truth is all I ever wanted.
Aisi sachai bilkul bhi kadwi nahi hai. :):)


Mer-curial-maiden said...

Hahahahha! :D

ayu said...

reminds me of tht ad featuring saurav ganguly ..

Just Me :) said...

You missed something... *A whole Squad of "WOOOO-Girls" as Cheerleaders!*

Lemon Girl said...

How does one ever miss them?

They'll be downsized as well, mark my words.

Just wigs and pompoms thrown about in the stadium.