I (haven’t) lost that loving feeling

You still blow me away with those eyes of yours. Every time I enter a room, I know you'll be there looking at me. With that perfect innocent expression once again. It doesn't escape my notice y'know, I can tell you've done something wrong. I still forgive you. Your eyes still make me love.

I want it to be the last time that your butterfly kisses sway me over. The touch of your hair makes me happy, I hate it and I love you more. I want it to be the last time that I snuggle up to you but you move away. Unconsciously conscious of my lightest touch.

I love the way you worry when I'm home late from college. You pretend not to care, but I can see you missed me when I'm not around for that long. You hate the way I sing and the way I make you waltz with me. Don't think I can't see the look in your eyes when I clear my throat even. Yes, you make me crazy in love and crazier still.

You don't want me to talk for too long on the phone with my friends. They can hear your mumbling grudges. They say nothing. I tell them, you're the cutest. You are, you are the best there ever could be. For without you, I can't be happy for long. I miss you much. Even though you're here, you can be so far away.

For without you my dog, my lowve, I am not the quintessential dog lover that I am known to be.

(P.S. No boy-friends, boyfriends or boys in general would ever make go eloquent and love-lorn like that)

#Lesson for today: I A.D.O.R.E. my dog. He's the best.


Anty said...

Just had to.

:D :D :D :D :D :D
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Just Me :) said...

Good to see you in love. The most romantic piece ever :-)

lemon girl said...

:D. Bhura is the last of the ultimate casanova's you see.

Brilliantly Dull said...

awwww..... bhura!!
he is my second love......only after you!!! :D

Lemon Girl said...

What about ishi? Our husband has been relegated to second class citizen.

But bhura loves you too!

arnav said...

I never got any such loving from you ever. That is just plain rude. You see why I spend my days jealous of the dog and such?