Is there mercy?

The chance is here, I should take it
But I leave it far coz I can't fake it.

Do I need to shout out for mercy
Can't you just come and shoot me?
When very last sensation of pain is near
Then tell me there is nothing to fear.

Inked blotches on the page of life
As if there was something to hide.
Thrills me to be torn apart and then
The serenity of being whole again.

Does life come with pain or happiness
Juxtaposing a smile with sadness.

Yes, I still have a bad toothache. It hurts like all hell put together. And the painkillers have me doped up & hallucinating. Enough to make me write poetry like that. It's vaguely like Alternative Grunge. I don't know the the shit I wrote, but if it makes sense to you then more power to ya! Enjoy and tell me if you get a word.

#Lesson for today: Teeth.Can.Hurt. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!


Brilliantly Dull said...

i love the way you play with the words, you have to know what pain-ful is, if you want to appreciate pain-free..........
best of luck with that tooth ache!!
love it!!!!

Lemon Girl said...

You love the toothache? :'(

Anda, I be dying here. I need some wifey loving.

deluded said...


was that addressed to your dentist? :)

Lemon Girl said...

My dentist, her team of smug "we control your teeth" assistants and most of all, my lovely wonderful ex-dentist who packed shop and moved to Chennai.

I miss her. She knew my teeth. :(

wistful_firefly said...

Last post had me going "I feel your pain" since I have an "errant wisdom tooth" emerging to.

But you're really hurting aren't you? Damn. Hope it gets better soon. :(

wistful_firefly said...

And this is mer-curial-maiden.

A said...

Gosh, I know exactly what you're going thru. The painkillers.

You're strong! And you get to eat ice cream, right?

arnav said...

Ohhhh. You need a huggie wuggie.


Btw, Love the new header :)

Lemon Girl said...

@ Wistful_firefly: It's much better now. Almost gone :).

I went to you new blog, there was a problem in commenting. I couldnt see the word verification.

@ A: Ice cream didn't quite cut it this time.

@ arnav: >:D<