The moozic post

Maine galti se Ishq Bector ka naya video dekh liya. Mujhe bahut bure sapne aane waale hain, marrrrk maaiii wordsss!

There is new music on the blog, mostly because I cannot take any more of that whistling for a while. Enjoy my random taste in music, derived from the Indie tendencies of best friend. My own tastes in music tend to be difficult to describe. In the last few days, I've gone from Rafi to Children of Bodom to Daniel Eno to Waka Waka to a lot of Death Cab for Cutie to a sudden wish to watch The Sound of Music again and again. And a little bit of Devendra Banhart thrown in for good measure?

What did us kids do before we discovered the beauty of youtube and thelastfm? We listened to the Best of BSB Chapter 1 on repeat, much like tonight. One also remembers a small playlist somewhere on the iTunes screen with The Flaming Lips, Paradise Circus, The Who, The Doors and Tom Petty all mixed in. Or maybe just Deewana Hua Pagal on replay. *Sigh*

The shuffle has been very partial towards Coldplay today, I wonder if that's a sign that I've been watching too much of Wonderfalls and 30 Rock. What can I say, it's too early to start Arrested Development all over again.

#Lesson for today: Ishq Bector ko Dakku Daddy nahi pasand.

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