Twenty, soon enough

Mother always claimed that taking care of my doll-house was like preparing to take care of my life.
I broke my first and only doll-house.

Father always tried to make sure I had more sense in my pretty head than stories from far-away lands.
I dreamt of wind swept archipelagos off the coast of a rainy existence.

I always wanted to be the kind of person who knew what to do in life and never lost sight of myself.
I ended up abhorring change of any kind.

Twenty years of existence and I don't know if I did anything right.
Twenty years of existence and another twenty starts on a cold, rainy and whiskey-fuelled night.

#Lesson for today: It's scary to be so close and yet so far from turning twenty.


Tamanna said...

Everyone says that when they are 20, and they keep saying it for a long time. Then one day they realise it's not the end of the world as long as you turn out "happy" Good, bad, ugly, lazy, awesome - all that really matters is happy. And something about your blog tells me you will. So chill, young lady :)

Brilliantly Dull said...

well i'm turning 20 one month after i actually did, so its okay to be ain about turning 20...... but i feel creeped thinking of all the 'aunties' we used to know in their 20s......
but meh, i'll love you when we're sixty and chasing after kids teaching them how to be hip *insert zaphod*
plus the whole squirrels bit...... :*

Lemon Girl said...

@Tamanna: Thank you ma'am, I am trying to feel all chirpy about being 20 soon. :)

@Andy: See now, being 60 is going to be the best day of my life. :D