Bad ways to get things done

You know how sometimes you're listening to instructions and then suddenly blank out? You'll be able to run down the whole list except for the most important detail in the end. If it hasn't happened to you, rest assured it will. It's a common phenomenon especially when the mind would much rather ponder upon the mysterious of how rocks end up in the canteen food.

Now, I've heard that some people also have chronic amnesia for a certain type of task. No matter how many times you explain it to them, they'll still manage to fuck it up. Not that it's ever their fault, y'know. Their brains simply can't take all this information and use it. Like the way you're never going to use all that crap you mugged up for the final exams.

Now, let's see somebody combine these two things together and what will you get? In simple terms: Me.

As my department teachers/presidents/the population in general starts to trust me enough with shit loads of work, they realize that I can't do something right beyond three instructions. You'll be lucky I did some part of the third instruction at all. I won't cite chronic amnesia as an excuse. I think it's a mix of the two conditions stated above. I can't help it, I happen to have a very imaginative and restless mind.

#Lesson for today: Someday hopefully, people will start instructing me in pairs. Till then, it's your headache. I'll just smile and go with the (by now forgotten) flow.


Sherry Wasandi said...


I always considered by break-failed-train-of-thought to be a HUGE problem. But this, sounds like even more fun.

Paired with the blank brain-gone-on-standby expression, it just might be what those old silent comedies were made of!

Lemon Girl said...

And with my extremely goofily smiled smile as a response to all questions, scoldings and reprimands, Chaplin's in for some competition. :D

ridhi said...

Well the good thing is that people in general TRUST you! So I'm sure someday you will be able to take a larger set of instructions.. And if god wills, there he might put people like you under you.. So you can make them work!! :P :P

Lemon Girl said...


Then I would change my mind every two seconds and spit on them in non-spitty way saying "Fust Years".

Aah, the possibility of such good times!

Just Me :) said...

My imagination has taken a leap and I am picturing a heady mixture of Govinda and Jonny Lever; Not a pretty picture. :-|

Clezevra said...

Sounds riotous enough. Also strangely resembles exam paranoia.

Anty said...
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