I’m bored now

After being subjected to the most moronic people possible in my department and the cynical stylings of many close friends, I can declare that our fest is over. O-V-E-R.

Now I can relax, lay waste to all the banners and spare posters and most importantly, start living on diet of something other than chole bature and momos. My sudden sugar and caffeine cravings have subsided. I no longer wake up in cold sweat, having dreamt of goblins eating ice creams on Farooque Shaikh's head. Although, that would have been an apt sight, considering all the money he made us spend. I vow, with all of you regular readers as my witness that when I become famous, I shall not charge educational institutions for a plane ticket. Or at the very least, wear a rather large sun bonnet and be content to sign autographs throughout the flight.

#Lesson for today: Let loose the goblins.


Akshita Bhalla said...

Gosh! you actually dreamt that? Poor Farooque and his smooth bald head. Makrand is so cool!

Just Me :) said...

Ditto; about the bored part. And yes goblins would be refreshing!! *sigh*

Rahul said...

But as i see bored is still better than the F-E-S-T.. ;)

Lemon Girl said...

Just Me: Your last JJ at that. I am sympathetic but then again, this too shall pass. :). Personally, I would've wanted Russell Peters to do his thing.

@Rahul: Hey, nice to see you here! It depends, I'm chronically bored.