I confess..

I have a thing for men with:
~ sarcastic natures
~ commitment issues
~ 'a quality' that makes everybody perceive them as gay and
~ careless, rude, self-effacing yet charming demeanours.
(or Chandler Bing, Jane Austen/Bronte Sisters/Georgette Heyer's male characters and Oscar Wilde)

Off late, this has been extended to serial killers based in Miami, Florida.

There, can I have my perfect man now?

#Lesson for today: Yes, mother was perfectly right in being extremely worried about my taste in men.


Gunny said...

Hehe, your mum should be very worried indeed!
Ps: Anyone I know fits the categories?

Tangled up in blue... said...

Haha! Oscar Wilde wud have so made the perfect guy for me, if I cud only have a straight version of him..;)

And its so endearing that Chandler when he does fall in love with Monica, loves her so utterly and entirely..:)

Aah, the search for the perfect man! :D

My mom's kinda worried about my taste in men, too! But then arent they always invariably?

Oh and I follow ur blog now..its so cool..reminds me of the song..

"I wonder how, I wonder why,
Yesterday you told me about the blue, blue sky,
And all that I can see is
A yellow lemon tree."

I love it! :D

Lemon Girl said...

@ Gunny: You tell me. Mum is considering intervention/exorcism/an overdose of SRK. Whatever works.

@ Tangled: The straight version of the perfect man is a girl's dream :).

He is a darling and a very handsome one at that! Yes, but I'm sure some sort of attraction towards Mills&Boons and normal people soothes them to an extent.

Is your name inspired by Bob Dylan? 'Coz I am a big, big fan :D

And lastly, thank you!

A said...

You forget the implication of the criteria:

"Must Be Ficitonal" :D

Sherry Wasandi said...

Uhh.. can I say "DITTO"?

Except for the gay part.
Add an unfaltering, unwavering display of stoicism, extremely eccentric, unpredictable behavior, several borderline sadistic inclinations and general "scariness".

Essentially, people who remind other people of vampires, and yes, serial killers.

As I was attempting to justify this to a friend last night. It's the complexity of character. Gets me hooked. Not in a good way.


Lemon Girl said...

A: oh shut up. I found you, didn't I? Unless you claim to be fictional.

Sherry: Complexity of character has become an increasingly rare thing among today's youth. All doppelgangers of each other. Still, the search is on and hope abounds.

If not, I hear that playing e-books while somebody is sleeping can alter their character. I shall start doing that with immediate effect when I lose all hope. :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

"The straight version of the perfect man"!! Haha! Wow, thats a downright insight there! :D

And Sherry kinda makes me think, whats with the fascination with dark (but waxy pale) broody bloodsuckers anyway..damn, why do we find them so sexy?? (I dont think they have complex characters actually..they just seem to want to have sex with their food really..)

Aarrrrghhhh..*tries to snap out of it*

Oh yeah, it is inspired by the Bob Dylan song..:) He's kinda like my favourite as far as songs go..I can find one to suit every mood..and I dont worry about stuff that I have to with regular singers..he doesnt croon or have a falsetto or hit high notes..its such a stripped down barenaked basic way of singing..

And I love this song in particular!

Lemon Girl said...

Unless it is a Twilight vampire, I'd agree with the morbid fascination with all things proclaimed to be un-dead and eternal. Somewhere down the line, Vampires represent a never dying love (read: obsession) and a very sexy exterior. ;)

Truly so. I was most devastated when once, my father mistakenly told me that Dylan had died. Immediately after which his new album came out, so my heart was repaired again. My personal favourite is Mr. Tambourine Man. Lovely, enchanting song.

Sherry Wasandi said...

Firstly, let me know if the audio-book experiment works. Though, I seem to recall an episode from Dexter's Lab where it went horribly wrong!

w.r.t TUIB's comment, it's not just the food. It seems they're seducing the food, the cutlery, the air, the furniture, the room... hell, all of the universe in one giant sweep! The piercing eyes GET you.

Arrghhh! *tries to snap out too*

Twilight? *scoff* That Pattinson-kid is a joke. Well, so is character itself, in the book. Edward Cullen be damned.

Lemon Girl said...

All said and done, I have no Dee-Dee in my secret lab to mess stuff up. ;). If not audio-books, then definitely the sleep hypnosis tape used on Chandler in FRIENDS.

Aah the Vampires of the Bram Stoker days. I'll miss their effortless charm and sangfroid. The world of those perfect seductions and immortal love are a refuge for us poor women wasting away our years.

*slaps herself back to reality*

The whole book actually, is a mockery of English as we have long known it. I wish Wilde or Shaw would have been alive right now. They would cut Meyer down a bit. Shown her where she stands. Alas, we are dependent on the likes of Dan Brown and Rowling now.

Rene Lacoste said...

I've been trying to think of a wisecrack for the last five minutes now..Bah! This is one incomprehensible issue! :(

On the Dexter episode, Omelette du Fromage? :D

Lemon Girl said...

It's a girl issue, you mean to say? :D. One and the same thing anyway.

Omelette du Fromage.. For the french test?!?! That was hilarious!!

Unsound Mind said...

Ditto for the gay-part. My mom should be more worried too. I am insanely attracted to assholes. :D